Stressless Recliner

Comfort is an essential key to renewed energy and then to memorable quality time with family and friends. A stressles chair has 40 years of innovation and its ergonomic design embraces and supports the body like no other chair. The quality and attention to detail is wonderful so not matter what setting this chair goes into it will enhance the environment it is placed in. Not everyone can contemplate spending a huge sum of money on a chair like this but this chair is 25% of its new price and is virtually brand new there is one very small mark where someone has sat in the chair with a pair of keys hanging out their back pocket so there is a small scrape on the hides top surface. The leather is the full hide and not a shaved leather layer so you can be sure the chair will last a lifetime. There are three sizes and we have a large and small chair this one pictured here is the large size in cream leather and comes with the stressless footstool. £500

stressless4stressless3 stressless2 stressless1