Silk Carpets

We have a number of fine silk carpets for sale in sizes ranging from 1.2 m x 90cm to 3m x 2.5m these are from the 1930’s to modern. Silk carpets have the finest and thinnest knots and are generally very thin but extremely hard wearing. The nap of the knotting gives the carpet an overall sheen depending on the direction of light striking the pile. At certain angles the carpet can seem almost white with a very high refractive index and against the nap at an oblique angle to the the light source the colours will appear deep and rich. As a consequence of this phenomenon it can be difficult to photograph the true colours of these carpets but this characteristic is part of their enduring charm and ultimate value. This photograph was taken under a light source of 3000 lumens at 3 meters at an angle of 80 degrees the colours of the carpet on which the guitar is placed seem to vary from light at the head of the guitar to dark at the body yet this will change again under subtle light changes. Click on the picture to increase its size.