Creepie Stool detail

Orkney Creepie Stool

Orkney Creepie stool, measuring W24cm L 58 cm  and H 40 cm 

In many an Orkney home in days gone by you would have found a creepie stool. This small stool was light and easily portable, making it easy to move around to provide a simple seat for doing a variety of tasks.  The Orkney Creepie Stools were also brought to church to provide extra seating and sometimes even used for elevating a preacher in the pulpit. The stools were made by hand. They were constructed using traditional techniques, jointing the wood without fasteners, from whatever wood was available which was often driftwood.

Why Creepie?

We heard that they are called creepie stools because as the fire died down, you crept on your stool closer and closer to the hearth. 

The stools have a wide variety of uses in the modern home too, looking equally good in a contemporary or period setting. Useful to store clean towels on in the bathroom or to put your favourite scented candles on next to the bath. In the kitchen it can serve as a step stool to help you reach those top cupboards and in the living room it would be perfect as a traditional fireside stool or a great side or occasional table.

Exquisitely made in oak with fine detailing on top and leg,  this stool is traditionally constructed for strength, durability and quality with no screws or nails. 


Hand made Traditional Orkney Creepie Stool
Orkney Creepie Stool


Handmade Traditional Orkney Creepie Stool - leg detail



Handmade Traditional Orkney Creepie Stool - top detail



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