Matthew Hilton Aluminium Fruit Bowl

Matthew Hilton B: (1957- ) England Is one of the countries leading commercial furniture designers having worked with Habitat Ercol Heals and others to make a range of stylish yet functional products which look good and serve a useful purpose. Some works are exhibited in the V&A Museum in London and are considered important in the tradition of furniture design. This piece is cast in aluminium from one large mold which in itself is a very difficult industrial process to manufacture without flaws. Those with flaws do not get signed but the few that survive the process have been signed by Matthew Hilton and are simply stunning stand out pieces. An extravagant and luxury item but one which shows the artistic and aesthetic while proving to be a very practical if very large fruit bowl. It is a remarkable work of art which should hold and increase its considerable value for many years to come.






Price £900.00 shipping at cost worldwide

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