Luxurious hand made leather briefcase for men or women

A hand crafted leather briefcase from Northern Nigeria circa 1950’s

A unique luxury hand made stylish leather briefcase for either men or women. You can be sure it  will turn a few heads. It is made from a quality light tan coloured leather and stitched with strong leather thread. Notice it does not have clumsy buckles because it does not need them. The bag closes with straps and loops, this is the intelligent way to fasten a bag. It means it will not scratch the seats of your car or furniture.

It is minimalist in its construction, with a stark elegance, which is all part of its function. It was made in Northern Nigeria in the mid 1950’s.   Its age means that this type of bag is a historical piece of fine craft and an artwork in leather. Turning up to a meeting with your documents in this bag is a statement few people will ever be able to make. The bag has aged beautifully with a lovely patina.

It measures H 23cm W 37cm D 6cm


Front View of Case

Luxurious hand made leather briefcase

Handle Detail

Handle detail Luxurious hand made leather briefcase

Close-up of stitching detail in leather thread

Hand crafted Leather art in the form of a briefcase