Ercol Chairmakers Rocking Chair

The lovely Chairmaker’s chair is based on the 16th century Windsor chair. This classic design really has stood the test of time and Ercol still make this special chair today by hand, in the traditional manner. A fusion of ancient skill and modern style, elm and beech used in the construction offers beauty and strength. A contemporary look is achieved with the curved double bows, arching back, tapering spindles and upswung arm rests which are slender and strong. A solid sculpted seat completes this chair. This example has some wear commensurate with age and a wonderful patina enhances the overall finish.


This Windsor chair is the embodiment of the chair-makers’ skill.

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Ercol Chairmaker's Rocking Chair
Ercol Chairmaker’s Rocking Chair


Ercol Chairmakers Rocking Chair