Coronovirus and our Edinburgh Business

Coronovirus and our Edinburgh Business

TEL: 0757 4857 236

Obviously we are changing our business model for the period of this outbreak. The shop at 190 Morrison Street Edinburgh will be closed until a clearer picture of our responsibilities as a business, open to the public, to encourage everyone to stay within an element of self isolation to reduce the spread of this virus. While it gives us the chance to have more time off the business continues. It now gives me no excuses to photograph what we have for sale in more detail and to give customers an opportunity to see what we have in the shop and in process of display.








Luckily we have a very good online presence and its thanks to our website that most customers find us. Please use our telephone number 0757 4857 236 with online DUO video or voice  where you can ask about anything for sale. All items purchased will be delivered at cost. Larger items if specified will be delivered free. We wish everyone stays healthy and are doing business responsibly but we can all benefit from having a pleasant home environment with some items of design which raise our spirits. Everything is different Buy something beautiful,





Ercol kitchen table


Buying or selling please phone 0757 4857 236

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