Ercol media centre for the modern age

This is an Ercol cabinet made from elm with many uses far from its original design as a television cabinet.


In past time the TV was a huge ugly brutish piece of equipment and as in victorian times the music centre or grand piano had its wooden legs hidden from view the pretentious of the sixties tried to hide the hideous low quality entertainment box inside another more suited to their sitting rooms. This fine piece of furniture is such a pretence but now that we have large flat screens for educational purposes of course sitting atop all kinds of furniture or flat on a wall there is a plethora of games, dvd’s,  cameras, which need to connect and this can do it all and tidy it all away with plenty of room to spare the lower cabinet drawer folds down to reveal a sliding tray capable of holding any type of electronic stuff as long as it is less than 48 cm deep 75 cm wide and 20 cm height the top cabinet is  72cm x 48cm  x 53cm DSC_0607



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